Jan 112011
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Remember when I said they were predicting six inches of snow? Those were fun times. We’ll maybe get two inches. Of RAIN. So like any other Portland day. Damn meteorologists. Lying to me, stringing me along, and then nothing. I feel cheap.

It’s amazing how quickly a shitty mood can come on. I wanted to watch some episodes of Penny Arcade TV tonight with dinner, so I turned on my big hulko TV PC again. Only to learn that it suffers from OLD, and it couldn’t keep up with the frame rate. Of a streamed video. FAIL.

So I decided to finally utilize the VGA connector on my TV and connect up my laptop. After about 15 minutes of searching through my boxes o’ cables in the garage, I found the male-to-male VGA cable I’ve had floating around for years now. Bring it in, undo the single most irritating twist tie ever devised by evil men, and go to plug it into the TV … only to see the TV needs a female connection. FAIL.

Next I thought to use my PS3 for, I dunno, something besides an oversized blu-ray, and see what its built-in browser could do. Only to discover that the PS3 isn’t smart enough to let you navigate the pointer with the remote, and that my controller has utterly run out of power. FAIL.

I snag the nearby mini-USB charger, and for whatever reason, it does nothing. Not even a light blink. FAIL.

So then begins a search for a functional mini-USB, which is finally located and is fully functional. Find the browser, get it to load the site .. then it won’t play the videos at all. FAIL.

Try searching for the videos on YouTube. They’re not there. FAIL.

After all that, I gave up on doing anything but sitting here and glowering angrily. That, I can do.