Jan 152011
Rock Band Network

Wow, I just realized this has been sitting in Drafts since we did our last Rock Band Network demo review … that was in August.

Heh. Whoops.

Yeah so posting it now. We’ll be doing some more demos later this weekend. We’re clearly way the hell behind (I’m not even going to try titling these by weeks anymore, at least not until we catch up), but we figure that by doing a half-hour to an hour a week, we’ll eventually get back to looking at new stuff again. Ah the good old days.

But first, this embarrassingly belated summary post of our RBN reviews for demos that we played on 22 August 2010.

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“(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar” from The Guild : BUY. Already bought, actually. Next! [80]

“(Random Song)” by Bluefusion : UND+ That must be a short song. What a pity. Insta-guitar solo and great sound, I was hoping for epic. [80]

“A Better Forever” by Sexton : UND+ Rocking musical intro. Forget if instrumental or not, didn’t get to any vocals yet. Good chart. [80]

“A Prophecy” by Asking Alexandria : UND+ The + is contingent upon the death growl staying at about current level. Enjoyed overall. [160]

“Ain’t Life Grand (Live)” by Widespread Panic : UND+ Little more country twang than I generally like but I had a lot of fun playing it. [160]

“America Underwater” by LoveHateHero : UND- Chart was well done, but it was a bit too Blink-182 for me. [160]

“An Exercise in Futility” by Single White Infidel : UND+ Really enjoyed. Awesome beat, awesome bass, awesome guitar. Vocals? Dunno yet. [80]

“Anna Maria (All We Need)” by We the Kings : UND- It was okay, but just okay. Vocals a little on the whiny side for my tastes. [160]

“Anybody Else” by Audible Mainframe: UND+ Some urban in the game, always a welcome change. Not much on guitar yet, but nice and mellow. [160]

“Attraction” by HourCast : UND- Industrial sound, very overdriven. Okay enough to play but not sure how much I’d want to. [80]

“Bang Camaro” by Bang Camaro : BUY Did I mention Bang Camaro? By now if you play these games you know what you’re getting. Yes please. [160]

“Beautiful Collapse (Stalker)” by Merrill & Carell : UND- Bit boring to hear & play. Didn’t go anywhere yet and I’m not sure it will. [80]

“Beautiful Disaster” by The Gufs : UND+ Sounded and played well enough. Cut out just before the chorus. Worth seeing where it goes. [160]

“Beautiful Machine” by Rose of Jericho : UND- Not hard but feels overcharted on triple chords. Wasn’t too taken with it. (fem vox) [80]

“Beethoven Symphony No 9” by Paul Henry Smith – UND+ I’ve enjoyed all the classical tracks so far. No exception. [160]

“Believe” by MJ Kroll : Delete. Didn’t object to it particularly just confident a full listen won’t change my mind. Thoroughly average. (femvox) [80]

“Believing” by Bang on a Can All-Stars : UND+ Tentative +, didn’t really get a chance to see much. Interesting rock orchestra sound. [80]

“Belladonna and Aconite 2010” by Inkubus Sukkubus: UND+ Electric violin intro took me by surprise but was SO FUN. GREAT song. (femvox) [80]

“Betty and Me” by Jonathan Coulton : BUY. Love the song though OH GOD THE BANJO, IT WANTS TO KILL ME. [160]

“Big Deal” by HourCast : UND+ Audio mixing seemed too loud, but the riff was fun to play. (About all I DID get to play, but.) [80]

“Black Cloud” by Scott Gehrett : UND+ Instrumental, and a darn fine one at that. Lots of fun to play, almost funk metal w/ that bass. [160]

“Bled to be Free (The Operation)” by RX Bandits: Delete. Weird damn rhythm = not fun play, and just not at all pleasing to these ears. [160]

“Bleed” by Meshuggah : Delete. Hahaha noooo. No. Thank you. No. Screamer, not my style of play. No. [160]

“Blinded” by Down Factor : Delete. I didn’t mind it much and actually enjoyed the guitar charting, but didn’t sit well at all w/the boy. [80]

“Blood Red Rock” by Bang Camaro : UND+ Not as immediately striking as previous, but still very good. Have several BC already though. [80]

“Bright Side of Life” by Rebelution : UND+ What an interesting blend of styles – started out blues rock then reggae. Quite charming. [160]

“Broke Down on the Brazos” by Gov’t Mule : UND+ Solid rock song there – strong guitar, gravelly vocalist. Relevant to my interests. [160]

“Building a Robot” by Robotmakers : UND+ Love when a song makes me laugh. Fun synthpop style. About robots taking over the world. Yeah! [160]

“Burst into Fears” by Sexton: UND+ I was enjoying that. Slick little groove going. Devil horns on guitar? Wonder what lies ahead. [80]

“Bury You Slowly” by Made Avail : UND+ Only average sound but a fun chart carries this one above. [160]

“Buster Voodoo” by Rodrigo Y Gabriela: UND+ TONS of fun with this. Loved the chart, loved the sound. But 160 for a song w/o vocals OR drums? [160]

“Charmed” by Owl : UND- Meh. Nothing standing out. Wholly average. [80]

“Cheat on the Church” by Graveyard BBQ: UND+ Tough to say if appeal is song or nostalgia. Fun though, much more than when it was in GH. [160]

“Cheating, Lying, Stealing” by Bang on a Can All-Stars : UND+ Based purely on sound & hope for more. Did almost nothing in 1st minute. [80]

“Chiron Beta Prime” by Jonathan Coulton : UND+ Love it. Mike inclined to see full chart first though, and so we shall. [160]

“Circles” by Something Opus : Delete. Vocals were mixed WAY the hell down. Or is it supposed to be that low? Very off-putting, whichever. [80]

“Come Along” by XTT : UND- Didn’t care much for singer, but I did enjoy playing the riff. Willing to give it full listen. (female vocals) [160]

“Cookie Monster” by XTT : Delete. No, but I appreciate the idea that if Cookie Monster sang he’d sing a death metal song about cookies. [160]

“Crash Years” by New Pornographers : UND+ Very smooth, good song. Nothing crazy, but nice and laid back. (female vocals) [160]

“Crazy X” by Charlie Drown : UND- So. That was kinda hard to take seriously given singer’s style. Nothing exceptional to play. (femvox) [160]

“Crooked Strings” by Kiev : UND+ Seemed like it was just about to pick up, and an extended HOPO sequence always starts me well. [80]

“Curse You All Men! (Live)” by Emperor : Delete. Charted well enough, no gripes there, but screamers just not my kind of song. No thanks. [160]

“Damn Good Man” by Moses Tucker : UND+ Again not a fan of country twang vocals but damn if that wasn’t fun to play. Great chart. [160]

“Death by Cancer” by Seppuku with a Straw : UND+ WTF was I playing, a fucking Nintendo?? Holy crap. Killer chart came outta nowhere. Death by Cancer? Death by Skittles. [80]

“Deathbed Atheist” by Norma Jean : UND- Didn’t immediately sway me either way. Screaming but not growling. We’ll see where it goes. [160]

Final tallies for this lot of 45 were:

– 3 BUY
– 26 UND+
– 9 UND-

I, ahh … I will not take five months to post up the next list of songs we demo.

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