Jan 172011
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Today I had thoughts. I had a lot of thoughts of assorted degrees of importance. I can’t say that I reached any decisions, but I think decisions are likely soon. Not sure I’m ready to share them publicly yet, if ever, but I was glad to have them.

Loaded up Mass Effect 2 this evening. Big thumbs up thus far for the little UI tweaks, though the new combat is going to take me a few I think. No more equipment? I think I like that for the inventory management chore that was ME1, which did not mesh well with my compulsive need to keep my things tidy. I’m currently playing around with armor customization. I was never into paper dolls; why is the same basic concept okay with me in digital format?

ETA: President Bartlet rules the universe! I knew it!

  • Elscy

    President Bartlet does rule the universe.

    • Jet Wolf

      I should never have doubted this to be truth.

  • Ross

    Yeah, for ME2 they moved the “RPG/Shooter” dial a bit far over to the “Shooter” side for my taste. I don’t miss the constant shuffling through a 200-item inventory to maximize the effect of my accessories, but not having an inventory at all was a little jarring. It also means that when you open lockers and stuff, there’s never anything in them but money. It’s a little like Christmas when everyone just gives you cash in an envelope.

    Rumor has it that for ME3 they’re going to try for somewhere in the middle.