Jan 232011
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I think I’ve decided on a new direction for my someday-webcomic. I am staggeringly ill-talented for drawing the kind of world I want for this comic; my every attempt at illustrating it only further hammers that home. I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with even the smallest and most simple of efforts. Unfortunately what I’m going for is both pretty nuanced and very visual, and when you can’t do more than create slightly emotive blobby shapes you’re destined for disappointment.

This morning as I was lying in bed, my mind wandered as it does when you’re not looking forward to leaving comfy warmth. I swirled around several topics, one of which was my comic. I had a simple but intriguing thought. My comic idea isn’t working because I lack the talent to give it the realism and visual character depth I need – so change the parameters. Suddenly images floated into my head, things I think I can do. These changes will necessitate some world changes as well – eschewing realism will do that for you – but the core of the story and characters can easily remain. What’s more the change will allow me to, in a way, be more subtle.

I’ve only done a couple of preliminary doodles, but the difference is already stark. The new stuff has more life than the people designs I’ve been working on, which I find mildly ironic. Such a seemingly simple idea that’s breathed new life into this project for me. I’m pretty excited.

I’ve had a very roller coaster day otherwise. As is the exhausting yet typical pattern with me, most creative upswing has an accompanying mental down. Damned if you do …

  • Darkpoole

    I’m cheering you on here. Keep drawing!

    • Jet Wolf

      I did some more today. It’s actually working out surprisingly well. Yay go me!