Jan 272011
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I think I lost part of today. Like, I fell into a deep sleep that somehow blended seamlessly with my day, or was perhaps abducted by aliens. I remember parts of it, but then there’s a whole patch of time missing. Peculiar. Otherwise it wasn’t a day where I was able to get much tangible done. Ahh well, always tomorrow. Which will be a pretty packed day now I think about it, with lots of self-imposed deadlines. Better get started early.

I think I need to visit my optometrist again. My vision isn’t focusing quite so well through my glasses anymore. Seriously, how bad can it possibly get? My eyesight’s been getting steadily worse since, you know, BIRTH. I’ve had glasses since I was four years old. You gotta think I’m going to hit a point in a second where they just throw their hands up and say, “Sorry, you’re fucked.” I need cyborg eyes.

…hell yeah, I need cyborg eyes!

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