Jan 302011
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A quick post before I try hard to go to bed. Well, to sleep. Going to bed is easy. It’s not like I don’t know where it is.

We had a really great weekend, and I admit to not much wanting to see it end. But Mike’s off the week after next, and that’ll be awesome. I won’t myself be on vacation so there’ll still be writing and working going on otherwise, but he’ll be here and I can sleep in, so these are two very exciting points that cannot be overstated.

There was lots of chatter on my Twitter feed tonight about the Royal Rumble. Its sort of fascinating to me to see all that since I stopped following the WWF at the exact moment they unveiled the Gobbledy Gooker. But I was huge into it for a while there, and it’s a great source of nostalgia for me. For both of us. So tonight we decided to pull out one of our DVD sets and (re-re-re)watched the second Royal Rumble. Great match with some amazingly awesome moments of unintentional comedy.

They just don’t make stuff like this anymore. I mean, where else could you have an Elvis impersonator in tights getting smacked all over the place?

Damn the Honky Tonk Man was fun.

Back in the day I had a whole shelf chock full of wrestling VHS tapes I’d recorded. I used to get it all every week – the prime time thing, the Sunday morning ones, Saturday Night’s Main Event, the PPV specials, the whole deal. I even borrowed a friend’s old tapes going even further back (George “The Animal” Steele was still running around) and they padded out my library beautifully.

Then my interest bottomed out (see above, re: Gobbledy Gooker) and I recorded over them all. Twenty, thirty video tapes of classic WWF archiving, wiped out for, like, Full House or something, I don’t even know. And you know they all had commercials too. Such a tragic loss.

If I could go back in time and fix shit I did wrong? …well, there’s other more important stuff I’d focus on, but I would at minimum slip myself a note.

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