Feb 032011

Right, so. Those posts yesterday. Attention is being paid to them. Which is awesome, by the way. You guy seriously have no idea how uncertain I was that I was even making sense my head was buzzing so much, let alone saying something that is seeming to resonate. The more I’m thinking about this the more I’m realizing just how much is going on here. This is a fucking complicated series of issues all consolidating into one event, like a seven-layer bar of pain and regret. We as a gaming community, as an Internet community, as a human community have much left to sort out. We’ve got some long, hard, uncomfortable conversations ahead.

My blog here, it’s my place for a lot of stuff that goes on in my head and in my life and not all of that is so important or serious. Normally I don’t much think about that. I put up whatever I want, write about whatever takes my fancy. Like I said, yesterday’s posts are getting a hell of a lot of attention and it feels a bit weird now to go from somber deep critical discussion to pictures of my dog.

But I’m gonna keep doing that, because that’s who I am and that’s what I like to do. I’ve never have a “theme” for my blogging, save perhaps the theme of Me.

I felt I should specifically say something about it though. Later today I hope to talk way more about the Richard Pryor episode of Saturday Night Live than most people care about, and tomorrow I’ll be babbling on about next week’s Rock Band DLC. There will indeed be pictures of my dog.

None of this for a second changes the fact that the conversation about the Dickwolves debacle is ridiculously important. I genuinely feel that we’re on the cusp of something. Whether it’s A Good Thing, whether it’s A Bad Thing, only time will tell. Open dialogue will help determine which way we fall, and we can’t shy away from that.

I’m still going to talk about TV and my dog and my Rock Band and my friends and my books and my husband and my little life, but I’ll keep coming back to the bigger stuff. We have to.

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