Feb 072011
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My week proceeds strangely. I got up far earlier than I would’ve liked to get the chili on, then ran around all day cleaning and shopping and baking and posting. (one of these things is not like the other) My timing stank however and I was still making cookies come kick off, and consequently missed like an entire hour of Super Bowl commercials. At least I have TiVo, which we’ll run through the DVD burner tomorrow so I can make my annual disc of commercials.

This year it will also include the halftime show because seriously what the fuck was that shit?

Then as the evening wound down, I finally finally yaay got to play my London Calling DLC. Stuck it on full album playlist and it was awesome. I had initially planned to voxtar, but I’m still catching up for a week of sleep so skipped the tar for the straight vox. Just a ton of fun, I can’t wait to bust it out on the other 3 to 4 instruments.

Mike has all of next week off to burn up whatever lingering PTO he had from last year. What this mostly means to me right now is that I get to sleep in as late as I want tomorrow. Which probably means I’ll bolt wide awake at 6am. Sigh.

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