Feb 092011
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Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like life was just a long session of play occasionally interrupted by a moment of having to do something all responsible but then you just did it real fast and went back to play? When did it reverse on us?

All I did today was stuff I was supposed to do, and it was not especially rewarding.

My day began too early as both Mike and I had eye exams. I made them a week ago and intentionally scheduled them early so I would be forced to get out there, get it taken care of, and then let the momentum carry me through to further productivity. Essentially Past Me tricked Now Me into this so you know what fuck you Past Me.

The trigger for the eye exams was twofold. First, my prescription is a bit weak now. Nothing too bad, but sometimes noticeable. My eyesight is truly horrendous, so keeping on top of it is always a good idea, if for no other reason than so I can be reminded yearly that my retina could basically detach at any moment which makes me nice and paranoid about every single flash of light for a month or so.

Secondly, Mike mentioned to me recently that one of his eyes has gone blurry. This is pretty noteworthy as Mike has had absolutely perfect vision for the twenty years I’ve known him.

So we managed to score back-to-back appointments nice and early today and in we went. I expected to walk out with new glasses, and thought for Mike he might need some drops or something.

Turned out my prescription wasn’t actually that much worse – not enough to pay the exorbitant price (even after insurance) for new glasses for me, anyway. Eyes all nice and healthy, no detaching retinas (but watch out!!), and all is well.

Mike on the other hand? In 8 to 10 business days, he’ll have a fine new pair of specs.

As I said, that’s really something. I’m very proud of him being so matter-of-fact about it though. Me, I’d probably fall into a deep pit of “I AM SO OLD” depression (you don’t wanna know what it’s like every time I find a new gray hair), but he’s pretty upbeat about it. I think the relative light prescription, coupled with him being to wear them whenever he wants or needs, plus a genuine desire to stop the insane amount of eye strain he’s under at work, equals a really positive outlook on the whole thing. Yeah, I’m really proud of him for that.

Plus guys, for reals, he’s gonna look so sexy in these things, omg.

  • Stephanie Jane

    Will he wear them when he’s playing games?

    • Jet Wolf

      I asked him about that yesterday. He seems to feel at the moment he won’t need to. His current plan is to only wear them at work, since he stares at big screens with tiny numbers all day. I suspect that he may come to find that playing a game is harder than it needs to be if he wears his glasses, particularly with wearing them 40+ hours a week, but we’ll have to see.

    • Ultrace

      I don’t plan to wear them much when playing games; that could change if, once I get them, I find my vision improved beyond expectations. Right now, I don’t have eyestrain and fatigue when playing games, even for extended periods, possibly because the screen is so far away and doesn’t involve large amounts of small text, like I have on my monitor up at work.

      I’ll likely use them when doing emulation work on my computer, or anything else where I want to appreciate the pixel-crispness of a game. Right now, my right eye seems to have anti-aliasing turned on for everything, which is not how my old sprite games roll.

      • Stephanie Jane

        Can’t wait to see how they look! I They should make your work life more enjoyable. Improved gaming would only be a nice added bonus. I’m sure your eye strain will go down considerably, since you will be using the glasses during the day.