Feb 142011
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So it was Valentine’s Day or something. Totally romantic, I know. My husband and I, between all our pre- and post-marriage, have had like 19 Valentine’s Days and oh god why did I phrase it like that now I feel like I should crumbling to dust in a dimly lit museum warehouse.

Okay not the point. The point is that after the first decade or so of them, Valentine’s Day is Just A Day. Really I’ve just never been a fan of the Hallmark Holidays. Birthdays are big, our Anniversary is a bit of a thing, and Christmas is huge (for the presents aspect if nothing else), but most other holidays I let slip by without much fanfare.

I do like to do a little tiny something though, so tonight I made Mike his favourite fried chicken with these potato wedge things. It’s definitely ranked high on his list of favourite meals, but it’s insanely labour-intensive, taking about an hour and a half to two hours total, including prep. Consequently he doesn’t get it much, so it’s a nice little special occasion treat.

In a similar vein, later this week he’ll be making me a batch of homemade truffles, which is always a thrill. Not only are they delicious (and they are so, so delicious), but he always gets creative with them. They don’t always work out; some are downright inedible, and I say that as such a fan of chocolate that this truffle aside there is literally no bit of chocolate I have ever encountered that I could not or would not consume. But then some you think aren’t going to work but totally do, like this orange dreamcicle truffle he tried once.

This time he’s picked up a pack of double-stuff Oreo cookies, so I’m particularly intrigued.

But since that’ll be later in the week (the truffle-making process is a several day production), this evening he presented me with a little cellophane plastic heart bag with assorted candy miniatures tied up with red ribbon. It’s nothing extravagant or fancy, but it was sweet and unexpected and made me smile.

Valentine enough for me.

  • Stephanie Jane

    It’s also not our holiday. Steve does practical/considerate if anything on Valentine’s. So I was surprised to find that not only did he wash my car, I got new pillows (I had recently complained that my current pillow had turned to stone under my head the other night, making for an uncomfortable and intermittent night’s sleep) so I that was perfect.

    • Jet Wolf

      A little moment of consideration goes a lot further for me than any grand, overwrought gesture. A car wash and a new pillow sounds perfect to me too.

      • Stephanie Jane

        Yes, especially considering I HATE WASHING MY CAR HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT. It was the best to see it all nice and clean.