Feb 162011
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My creative days tend to lead to the foulest of moods. Going to go try to sleep it off. Sleep’s got to lead to some measure of relaxation, right?

  • http://www.coherentlighthouse.com/ Scott Elyard

    Huh. Usually, I’m at my worst when I have accomplished nothing creatively (even the crappiest of sketches manages to ameliorate this).

    After a day of slaving over the Cintiq, I like a hot bath for reducing that shoulder tension. Does wonders. (Check for local availability.)

    • Jet Wolf

      Yeah it’s weird. It’s not a constant thing by any stretch, but it’s often enough to be a pattern I’ve noticed. The reverse is often true also: a very dark depression often breeds the best ideas.

      Sometimes I think I was born to be the alcoholic writer and should just get to it already. :P