Feb 202011
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Comics are missing. This is serious business.

This evening I sat down to finally catalogue the piles of comics I’ve been neglecting. It’s not as bad as it has been before. Not even close. My worst period was four to five years of buying and stacking and not reading or logging.

It was my full-time job for a solid week to get it all sorted.

This is really quite minor, only a month or two, max. I’ve been really good at keeping up with it too, for the most part. Organization is made up of pure inertia I think: a lot of energy to get going, but easy to maintain once you’re rolling. But base natures are always lurking, and I’m a procrastinator at heart. It also doesn’t help that I can’t read half the books I get because I’m still trying to catch up from that aforementioned five-year gap.

Oh shit, I suddenly turned into Giffen’s Legion.

Man I am so behind on my Legion.

This afternoon I decided I catch up on my organizing, and maybe do a little bit of reading. I am still loving X-Men Legacy so hard and with Age of X right around the corner I want to be ready. This was going to be an easy, fun way to spend my afternoon.

Imagine my shock and horror when, after I’d finished, I realized that I am missing issues.

There’s like two weeks of books, just … not there. Random, too, bouncing all over titles and publishers, leading me to believe that somehow or another, an unsorted bag of comic books has simply gone AWOL.

This means that in my database, there are holes.

This means that my Uncanny X-Men collection goes from #133 to #529, then #531-#532.


I’ve torn this house apart trying to find the missing books. I’ve searched everywhere I can think to search. Nothing.

It’s not my store. They’ve never missed a single issue of anything in the ten years I’ve been going there. And during my five-year gap sometimes my visits were so sparse that they had to move my books to the back because they wouldn’t fit in my pull box anymore. I fail to believe that they suddenly stopped pulling me for two weeks and never said anything about it.

No, it’s me. I must’ve stopped in one day, bought a couple weeks of backlog, and then … gremlins. I don’t know.

I can’t read Legacy because I’m missing the beginning of the current storyline. There’s an issue of Unwritten in the world that I do not own. Guys. I HAVE A HOLE IN MY UNCANNY COLLECTION.

The world will not be right until I rectify this disaster.

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