Feb 222011
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My car has lights that are coming on. Lights that are not supposed to be normal car lights. Result: appointment tomorrow with car people. Sitting in uncomfortable waiting rooms that reek of motor oil, exactly how I wanted to spend my morning.

Not much to speak of regarding today itself. I meant to take some time to play around a bit more with my video card, but got engrossed in my writing and did little else. All told, I’m much happier with how it turned out, even if my temper was razor thin today. See what I saying before about creative upswings leaving me raw and bitchy? Yeah, that.

Didn’t help that I forgot to pick up potatoes before making today’s stew this morning then had to make an emergency trip to the grocery store. Functionally in my pajamas, because fuck it, who have I got to impress at Fred Meyer?

Dwayne McDuffie just up and died today, which hit a nerve. I have incredible respect for McDuffie’s work. I will continue to try to learn the lessons he mastered so effortlessly.

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