Feb 222011
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Busy day today. Got to sleep in, but then woke up and almost immediately had to run around for five hours or so. Then got home and saw my new video card had arrived, so there went the rest of the afternoon. For my evening? I’ve been in a comic book mood again of late … though to be fair I’m rarely not in a comic book mood, but I mean a hankering for going back and reading some of my favourite issues and stories.

I think a large part of that lately has been because of the research I had to do for Amy so that she could then turn around and provide me with this:

Fun Size: Rogue (by Amy Mebberson)

Fun Size Rogue through the ages

Which, you know … OH NO, NOW I HAVE CUSTOM ART OF MY FAVOURITE COMIC CHARACTER OF ALL TIME AND I HAD TO GO READ AWESOME ISSUES FOR REFERENCE. But it’s kinda got me in that frame of mind, is what I mean.

So that’s what I did with my evening. And it was amazing. I love that the excitement and heart-tugging and joy that I had when first reading these stories 20-something years ago? Still finding it today in issues that I’ve read so many times I can quote heaping mounds of dialogue and narration from memory. (And we’re mostly talking Claremont so when I say “heaping” I mean it very literally.)

It’s brought me to the realization that I want to do a new feature on ye olde bloge. I think Wednesdays. I’m going to start this week. You’ll see.

Because Rogue? FUCK YEAH.

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