Feb 232011
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Oh cars. How you vex me.

The lights turned out to be something to do with the fuel and the engine and one not talking properly to the other. I was led to believe this was an important thing.

They shoo’d me out of the car place, needing time to figure out exactly what was wrong and then fix it. But given how they still had my car, this wasn’t as easy as it sounded. I wound up renting a car from the conveniently (suspiciously?) located Enterprise office next to the mechanic, and went home to ponder just how much money I would be out before the day was done.

Turned out not so much, nor anywhere near the time investment expected. I basically wound up renting the car for less than two hours and only had to play labour on the car. The fix? A software update.

I love that they basically flashed my car.

On the way home I stopped by my comic shop and got into a discussion with the manager James about new comic day of today versus new comic day of yesterday, which led to a conversation about digital distribution versus physical. Normally I’m all “yay progress” but damn it like walking out of there with a delicious new stack of books to sink into. I love the bagging and the boarding and the stacks of boxes. I have such strong, tactile memories associated with some of these issues, making them a personal touchstone that I know digital can never emulate.

The end result was that I felt like I was telling kids to get off my lawn with their new-fangled iPads and Comixology. I felt old.

But then I left the store and sat in my car and read two comic books because I couldn’t wait until I got home.

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