Feb 232011
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Like I mentioned, I’ve been rereading a lot of my comics of late. I realized something long ago, and time has only proved me more and more right.

Rogue is bloody awesome.

Thus I bring you a new feature. Every Wednesday, I’m going to take a moment, a panel, a scene, and share her with you.

This is Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

My first “current” off-the-rack issue of X-Men was Uncanny #241. This was right smack in the middle of “Inferno”, because that’s how hard-fucking-core I am. This was the first time I ever saw Rogue.

Uncanny X-Men #241: Rogue vs. Scalphunter

Rogue fucks up Scalphunter's shit.

That’s right, Scalp. You pissed Rogue off, now she’s gonna get payback by braining you with a MOTHERFUCKING CAR. Shit’s so real, she’s gonna look like the god damn Superman while doing it. EAT ACTION COMICS #1, BITCH.

How awesome is Rogue?

Uncanny X-Men #241: Demon commentary

THAT fucking awesome.

Rogue’s so fucking awesome that in the middle of this Hell infestation, with twisted evil sons of bitches pouring into Manhattan, even the fucking DEMONS know how awesome she is.

And that’s how I met Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

Images from Uncanny X-Men #241 by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri.

  • http://syrinscorner.blogspot.com Phoenixanew

    First off, awesome feature, I look forward to it. Rogue was my first favorite X-man and a large part of the reason I got into X-men and eventually the comics – I just happened to see her in the cartoon first.

    Secondly, THANK YOU. While certainly not intentional, you just answered something that has been driving me crazy for years. I received a slightly damaged copy of Uncanny X-men #248 from a family friend. In the letter section, someone made a reference to “soul onna skunk-hair” without providing any context. I knew they were talking about Rogue, but I never understood why. Now I do. Yay!

    • Jet Wolf

      I’m really looking forward to doing it. I’ve already got several dozen moments in mind, and those are just from memory. I love getting to share something I love so much.

      Second point: that has totally made my day. I am so tickled that I inadvertently answered this ages-old question for you. I’m not sure exactly why I’m so chuffed about it, but I can’t stop grinning. Thanks for telling me about it.

  • BunnyM

    Rogue is all kinds of awesome, I agree, but my heart was already pledged to Kitty.

    I am looking forward to seeing posts about Rogue kickin’ butt and takin’ names, though.

    • Jet Wolf

      Make no mistake, I am all about the Pryde too. Rogue, Kurt and Kitty would probably be my top 3 X-Men. I just love ’em to pieces.