Feb 262011
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I want to write something. I want to write something but my brain is so tired. You ever feel like maybe sometimes you’re in the wrong head? That’s me tonight. Unsettling. Not of the norm. Of course I suffer from depression, like, constantly, so it’s tough to get a bead on what “norm” means for me. But whatever this is, I don’t think it’s it.

I had several people ask me about the demos I mentioned yesterday. Far be it from me to not speak at length about my opinion on any and every topic possible. But tomorrow.

We watched All-Star Superman tonight. Pretty good, a very faithful adaptation of the series I thought. The bits that were cut were quite expendable (Jimmy Olsen and the NegaSupe? Pass.), and both Lois and Lex came across even better with some superb voice acting behind them. By and large I’m not a Superman fan – figure there are two kinds of people in the world: Superman fans and Batman fans – but All-Star Superman is a great story and this movie did it justice. I tell you though, nothing makes me want to go watch Marvel cartoons more than watching DC cartoons. You know I never did finish Wolverine and the X-Men. Hm.

It’s almost 11pm. I made it an hour later tonight than last night. Still not great, but eh, I’ll take it.

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