Mar 312011

I just finished Mass Effect 2 about 20 minutes ago. I’m now reinstalling ME1 so I can start the series over again as a renegade this time. Consider what I’ve said previously about my attitude toward replaying games and that should give you a good idea about how much I enjoyed it. But in case I need to spell it out, I really really enjoyed it. I will proceed to talk about it a bit, […]

Mar 302011
In which it is painfully clear that I do not draw.

My shiny newness of today was mostly spent tinking around with a toy – as is really quite inevitable whenever there are toys in my proximity that are new. On extended loan from Amy is her old Wacom tablet, before today sitting alone in a closet quite rejected since she she went all professional big time with her precious Cintiq … which I must admit is pretty awesome and would be something I wouldn’t mind […]

Mar 302011
Rogue (fuck yeah!) #6

When I picked up my first X-Men comic back in the 80s, I quickly realized one thing: Rogue is bloody awesome. It is truth. It is law. Every Wednesday I will share with you a moment, a panel, a scene, that proves it. Because: Rogue. FUCK YEAH. It’s been several months since Xavier forced the X-Men to accept Rogue on the team. Just because she tried to kill them a few times and ambushed and […]

Mar 292011
He has pretty eyes and I want to squish him.

Long day is long. I’m glad you only have two days left, March, because I have hated you. Get the fuck out of my calendar. There’s a lot on my mind today, but rather than talk about those interesting things I’m instead going to talk about Mass Effect. Because it too has been on my mind, though in a much less pervasive or important capacity. First up, I am so digging ME2 now. Even combat […]

Plus I could listen to Martin Sheen in anything.

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Mar 272011
Plus I could listen to Martin Sheen in anything.

This weekend sucked like the world’s most voracious Hoover, and I won’t be sorry to see the back of it. Today I give thanks to BioWare for Mass Effect 2 or, as I prefer to call it, “Distraction.” I raise my glass to a better week ahead.

“I am a library.”

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Mar 252011
"I am a library."

Come over totally exhausted for no particularly good reason. Bed it is, whereupon I shall continue to read more of Civil War. I’m currently on part 56, Young Avengers & Runaways #4. I actually haven’t read Young Avengers before. It’s pretty interesting. I get really wary about getting into the kid superheroes though, as it seems both Marvel and DC either like to cancel their books or gratuitously kill them off. Neither is particularly inspiring […]

Mar 252011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 29 March

Great, fun stuff this week, including another theme pack and something that should satisfy the challenge-hounds, at least for a little while. Days of Peace Pack 01 Jefferson Airplane – “Somebody to Love” Blood, Sweat & Tears – “Spinning Wheel” Santana – “Black Magic Woman” + Singles DragonForce – “Through the Fire and Flames” + DragonForce – “Operation Ground and Pound” + = pro-guitar/bass chart available Yes, that is a pro-guitar chart for “Through the […]

The Zen of Jett, Week 46

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Mar 252011
The Zen of Jett, Week 46

Life is hard. We all know this. Even puppies know this, and their main jobs are to eat and poop. It’s a dark lonely road we walk, with only our wits to guide us. Jett understands, and she’s here to help. Every Friday, Jett will share with you her wisdom in your neverending lifequest for inner peace and fulfillment. This is The Zen of Jett.

24 Wheelbarrows, ICQ.

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Mar 242011
24 Wheelbarrows, ICQ.

That’s what I always hear during “Roundabout”. Which I just finished playing in Rock Band 3, thus completing all the disc songs on pro-guitar. So. Proud. Yeah okay, on easy. Perhaps undeservedly so then, but I am anyway. It’s pretty awesome to initially be struggling to find anything in “I Love Rock and Roll” to a 87% sight read on “Beast & the Harlot”. I’m under no illusions that in and of itself that’s unimpressive, […]

Mar 232011
It's like I'm back to graveyard shifts.

It’s almost 11pm and I’m only now feeling like dinner. It’s been a weird couple food days. But here I am. Mike’s gone to bed and I’m nomming on a bologna sandwich with cheez-its, so there’s a smashing dinner for you. There’s nothing on that I actually want to watch, so I switched on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that my TiVo got for me because … I guess. I worked on A Thing some […]