Mar 032011
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Today was mostly comics and teeth. The comics part was more fun.

While waiting at the dentist I called up some comics on my laptop. I’m currently in the process of trying to catch up on my Legion of Super-Heroes, but I am ridiculously behind on it. Like, I’ve gone back to the last part that I remember really well, and it’s Legion Lost. One of the issues soon after that has an ad for 9/11 charity comics. SO YEAH.

I’d forgotten just how good that mini-series is though. Legion Lost was some damn, damn fine writing.

Then this evening we finally got down to rebagging and boarding one of Mike’s old comic boxes. These things lived in our closet at the apartment since we moved to Oregon (July 2001). Before that, they were packaged up and moved with Mike’s parents from place to place. Basically they’re filled with unknown early-90s delights, so going through them is a Forrest Gumpian experience.

It was mostly all foil covers and Valiant. There was an issue of something called Cyberrad in there. It had a hologram on the front.

One of Mike's random comic boxes.

YOUNGBLOOD, people. Youngblood.


  • Stephanie Jane

    When I saw this blog title pop up on twitter last night I was SURE this was going to be about my twitter/4square arranged meeting with Amy yesterday evening. ;p

    • Jet Wolf

      Also cyber + rad. CYBERRAD.