Mar 052011
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I semi-spontaneously ran up to Seattle for the day for Emerald City Comicon. I say “semi-spontaneously” because we (meaning Mike, Scott and myself) only cemented plans yesterday. Which is huge for me, since normally I twig without at least a week’s notice and mental preparation. Adding my mood into that, and despite the relative achievement levels as compared to most of the world, I’m pretty proud of myself.

While there, Mike got a signed and personally doodled print from Sergio Aragones, whom Mike utterly adores. I’m excited for him that he got it, and look forward to getting it in a frame and up in The Danger Room, which currently sits without any wall decoration at all. (The Danger Room being the spare bedroom we’ve set aside just for all our comic book shit.) We’re all about prep for that room. Prep and staring forlornly at posters far too large to ever actually afford to get framed. But now with the Sergio print, a few other assorted comic prints, sketches, posters, etc., and the small collection of frames we’ve picked up for actual comics books, perhaps we’ll take a day next week and do a little decorating in there. The prospect pleases me.

The con itself was pretty awesome, if filled with Things I Cannot Have. Didn’t hit up any panels or celebs or anything though, since we were only there for a few hours. Wandered about the vendor and artist alley areas (some truly stunning prints and art for sale; I’ll have to bear it in mind for the future) and spent most of the rest of the time chilling with Amy and watching her do her thing. Which I must say was pretty impressive, and I say that as someone who’s been watching her do her thing for over ten years now. She’s been pretty busy of late, and it was uplifting to see her for a bit.

I hadn’t done a comic convention in ages (at least 15 years, maybe longer), so this was pretty neat. They’ve obviously changed a bit. I think the one day was sufficient though. PAX is, by its nature, very hands-on. Come watch this, come demo that. A comic convention though, not so much with the doing. That one day was good though, and I’ll have to consider it again for next year.

Oh, personal highlight: The little girl dressed up as Mystique. Blue and everything. Too cute.

Scott drove my car home, which was just weird. Mike doesn’t drive, so I’ve never been a passenger in that car. I’m not a very good passenger when it’s not my own vehicle, so you can imagine how easily I took to sitting in the wrong seat for three hours. But I’m glad he did, as I had (have) a splitting headache and could just close my eyes and think. Which I did quite extensively. Jotted down six or seven story embryos as well, which just goes to show that I don’t give myself anywhere near the time I should to just sit without outside stimulation and distraction and simply think. Take note, Me.

Early bed tonight. Not only is this headache still thrumming away, but Mike has to go in at some ridiculous hour tomorrow to do upgrade stuff at work. Perhaps we will factor in donuts.

Mmm. Donuts.

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