Mar 092011
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I watched the live feed of Discovery‘s final landing today. It was gorgeous weather for it; crisp, clear footage. The whole thing brought with it a feeling of melancholy (though to be fair with my mood of late, ripping a Kraft single when I open the cellophane also brings a feeling of melancholy). I think that retiring the shuttle is ultimately a good and necessary step for the advancement of space exploration, but Discovery, man. She’s an icon. Dozens and dozens of missions. Helping to build the International Space Station. Launching Hubble. Cumulatively, a full year spent in space. The symbol of resolute determination in the face of tragedy, being the first shuttle to fly after both Challenger and Columbia. Now she’s forever earth-bound, and it somehow doesn’t seem right. This doesn’t feel like where she should end.

Mike and I finished watching the second season of Upright Citizens Brigade this evening. It was the first time I’d watched them since they originally aired. It’s amazing how well they hold up. I think the most dated thing I saw was a big thick chunky cell phone, and the Twin Towers appearing occasionally in the background. Just hilarious absurdist comedy. Unfortunately the third season has yet to be released. Get on that, Comedy Central.

I played my Squier some more today. I’m really stoked with my progress, while simultaneously acknowledging that it’s probably not all that impressive when viewed from the outside. It’d be like a toddler proudly demonstrating what 4+2 equals to a rocket scientist. (I have space on the brain tonight.) Still I am playing simple chords and I switched to them! When I was supposed to! Across both strings AND frets! And I did this at least once out of every five tries! I am a bloody rock god.

  • Steve

    There’s a “Day of Discovery” poster dated September 29, 1988 on the wall at the entrance to the guest room. My late grandfather from Orlando sent that to me back when he cared that we existed. I had it framed for years before it was covered up by Tiny Toons pictures though it was still matted behind them. In her senior year of college, Stephanie used the frame for a project and never got it back. We moved three times since then with that poster rolled up among some others. A little worse for wear, I don’t know how it was one of the pieces of art chosen to be displayed or why there. But there you go. You can have a quiet moment of contemplation in front of it when you stay over next time.