Mar 152011
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I got all kinds of sick yesterday I think. I woke up not feeling great and come 2pm I was flagging badly and spent the night wrapped up in a blanket playing DeathSpank. Finished it, by the way. I remember my olden days of yore where I never finished a single bloody game ever. I’ve been playing games since the Atari 2600 was new, and the first game I ever played through to the end was Chrono Cross, true story. Just a winding trail of unfinished and discarded games strewn out behind me.

Tangent. Yes. Sick yesterday, very ooky. That carried through to most of today, keeping me in bed late and forcing an extended nap. I hate naps as a rule. But I actually felt better enough after this one to make my brain focus a wee bit, which was appreciated.

I’m still trying to sort out where I stand on PAX. I’m not sure I’m that much closer to an answer about myself+Prime; there’s much to consider. Whatever decision I make, I’m appreciative of “The Other Us: Does Gender Matter?” panel from PAX East this past weekend. If you have any kind of interest in the role and treatment of women (also touches somewhat on sexuality) in the gaming community, set aside an hour to watch. There’s a lot to think about here.

Because I don’t think enough already.

And to round out this post, here’s some pics of the new shit I’ve been hanging up around our house. The Danger Room is particularly exciting, as it’s sat without any kind of decor since we moved in.

Decorating the Danger Room, #1


The area to the right of the door as you come in. The small space down the side by the closet we discovered was perfectly-sized for assorted little comic-y art pieces. Like so:

Decorating the Danger Room, #2

Hello, we are perfectly-sized little art pieces.

So far we’ve got an adorable tiny Phoenix by Katie Cook and a fun-sized Apparition by Amy Mebberson. And there’s so much more space to fill.

On the other side of that corner, we’ve started hanging up particular comic books.

Decorating the Danger Room, #3


Two picked by me (left) and two by Mike (right). For me I’ve got Uncanny #141 – a gift from Mike some time ago and one of those all-time great covers – and Avengers Annual #10, the first appearance of Rogue. You can’t see it in this picture, but it’s signed by Chris Claremont. Mike’s picked Amazing Spider-Man #333, the first comic he ever bought … and Giant-Size X-Men #1. He owns Giant-Size. It is a source of near-endless insanity for me. We figure we can get another ten frames in that space, and are very much looking forward to selecting what will live there.

Meanwhile, across the room …

Decorating the Danger Room, #4

Right about hereish.

… by Mike’s not unimpressive video game soundtrack collection and just a small fraction of our comic boxes, we have Mike’s Groo print, which we picked up at ECCC.

Decorating the Danger Room, #5

He does love him some Groo.

Not only signed, but personally sketched on by Sergio Aragones himself (while we watched!). Mike adores Groo, has for 20-something years, and it was a huge thing for him to finally meet Sergio. I’m so glad he picked this up.

Our comic room. I think I’ll keep it.

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