Mar 162011
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When I picked up my first X-Men comic back in the 80s, I quickly realized one thing: Rogue is bloody awesome. It is truth. It is law.

Every Wednesday I will share with you a moment, a panel, a scene, that proves it.

Because: Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

Rogue’s year has sucked, but it’s the 90s and most of the issues she’s been in have fucking sucked too. Magneto is Joseph now and the less you know about that the better. He’s creepily fixated on Rogue because people were fucking braindead at that time and loved seeing Rogue trapped in this never-ending soap opera bullshit.

Joseph’s just hovering in Rogue’s bedroom for like hours or some shit and she wakes up and sees him.

X-Men #73: Joseph stalks Rogue.


X-Men #73: Rogue says 'Fuck that.'

It's not cute, you fucking halfwits!

Are you listening, Edward Cullen? This one’s for you!

Rogue. Stalk her and she’ll snap your goddamn neck. FUCK YEAH.

Images from X-Men #73 by Joe Kelly and Jeff Johnson.

  • Phoenixanew

    This one must have been shortly after I stopped reading. Between the Joseph stuff, the uninteresting characters like Marrow and Maggot, and the aftermath of the Onslaught fiasco on Professor X, I just couldn’t get into it anymore.

    And yes, there is absolutely nothing romantic about sneaking into someone’s room and watching them sleep. Any time I see a female wistfully wishing for her Edward, I shudder.

    • Jet Wolf

      There was some major drek in the mid to late 90s. I was so disgusted with #350 that I didn’t read for years.

      Marrow turned out to not be too terribly bad as a character I didn’t think (her backstory was interesting at least), but I never got anything at all out of Maggot.

      The 90s were a dark time for us all. Cling to these rare tiny moments of not-suck.