Mar 172011
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Defense Grid you are KILLING ME, arrgh.

St. Patrick’s Day today. It ended with a bit more feisty anger than I’d originally intended, but perhaps that’s in keeping with the day’s spirit. We went down to a local cafe so that Mike could get his annual corned beef and cabbage. I KNOW, RIGHT? So gross. There’s a reason he only gets to eat it once a year. They were out of the pasta I wanted so I just got a burger, which I seem to recall I got last year as well. I recall not being very impressed with it. I recalled correctly. Next year we’re going to make the extra bit of a trip to a pub that was local to our old apartment; the food is just so much better.

Food and other irritations aside, I had a good productive day. This included a kick ass short story idea that I’m really stoked about. Of the stories and ideas that I churn out, I think most are largely crap, or at best merely average. I think this one has great potential. Have to see if I can follow through.

I’m now faced with a tough choice. Go to bed and sleep, go to bed and read, or stay up and try again to kick some alien ass. So many choices.

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