Mar 212011
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Most of my day was ass. I failed at absolutely everything I tried to do today, except possibly breathing.

Firefox 4 leaked a bit early. Interestingly this comes on the heels of me being so sick of Firefox slowdowns that I was about to give Chrome another shot. I didn’t try the beta so the grand total of my hands-on experience with 4.0 is all of about 30 minutes, but thus far I’m pleased. You can download it here (for OS X) or here (for Windows).

As with last night, we watched some more Starcade. Finished the disc, in fact. Also as with last night, it was an experience.

– One of the prizes being, essentially, a gigantic magnifying glass you stick in front of your TV to make it look bigger … and the subsequent realization that nearly 30 years later they are still making this product.

– Reminding me in a roundabout way that I used to play this game a lot on my Atari 2600. All I could remember about it was “you controlled a roller paintbrush and you had to paint walls a certain colour … and I think there were pigs and maybe a gorilla?” Turns out my fuzzy memory was right about all these things.

– This infuriatingly smug bastard who was a contestant. I came to hate him so very, very much. Here are just a few of the tweets Mike and I made as we watched this son of a bitch:

    @JetWolf: And we’ve only watched this guy for all of three minutes and I want to punch him in his smug asshole face.

    @Ultrace_v1: Man, screw you, smug preppy guy for tarnishing my enjoyment of this classic show. I hope you choke like the last guy did on Mappy.

    @JetWolf: I HATE HIM #hate #hate [Picture]


    @JetWolf: KILL IT [Picture]

    @JetWolf: He looks like Jay Leno’s smug mentally handicapped little brother.

    @Ultrace_v1: Starcade Player has just become Mayor of Smugville.

All of those were post within the first ten minutes of us meeting this guy. SO YEAH.

Thank you, Starcade DVD. You were everything I hoped you would be and so much more.

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