Mar 232011
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It’s almost 11pm and I’m only now feeling like dinner. It’s been a weird couple food days. But here I am. Mike’s gone to bed and I’m nomming on a bologna sandwich with cheez-its, so there’s a smashing dinner for you. There’s nothing on that I actually want to watch, so I switched on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares that my TiVo got for me because … I guess.

I worked on A Thing some more today. I’d really like to make something happen with this because I’d like to share it. We shall see.

I got a new white board today! I live for white boards. There’s something freeing about physically writing out ideas. but I love the white board to do that. I feel much more open about the pristine blank space I can use to organize my thoughts in whatever random way makes sense to me at the time, any mistakes can be removed as though they never existed, and I never feel like I have to conserve space and not be wasteful like I do with paper. I have nearly a dozen different white board in assorted sizes, and I love them all.

New White Board!


Did I mention my cheez-its are white cheddar flavour? Mmm.

  • Stephanie

    I showed Steve your white board picture from twitter. We got a chuckle.

    • Jet Wolf

      And now I have added it into the post to be preserved for all time.