Mar 292011
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Long day is long. I’m glad you only have two days left, March, because I have hated you. Get the fuck out of my calendar.

There’s a lot on my mind today, but rather than talk about those interesting things I’m instead going to talk about Mass Effect. Because it too has been on my mind, though in a much less pervasive or important capacity.

First up, I am so digging ME2 now. Even combat has grown on me dramatically, which now I think about it isn’t overly different from ME1 – hate it for the first five hours, then actually start looking forward to battles. Damn I do love me some sniper rifle. Which is down a bit in ME2 in that ammo is limited, but up in that the zoom-in slow down is about the most awesome thing ever. And when that doesn’t work? Incinerate. Mm. toasty.

But as with all such things it comes down to the writing, and I. Am. Loving. It. These new characters are fantastic (damn I love Grunt more than I think is probably healthy; I just want to squish him) and I think being resurrected has done wonders for Shepard’s humour. I have no idea what Male Shepard sounds like, but Female Shepard has dry delivery down to a science. I have literally burst out laughing at some exchanges during this game (and given my mood this month, that’s no mean feat).

I’m not sure how far into the game I technically am so I’m not sure how much I have left. I’ve got the option to go get the IFF, but am holding off on advancing the main storyline so I can be my obsessively completionist little self and explore every planet of every system and do every side quest possible. I’m probably about halfway through the individual character missions (just finished up Tuchanka earlier today) and have a very crowded galaxy map. Oh, and I still have to recruit The Justicar. May do that next actually.

Just a great, fun, and superbly well-written game. I’m so glad I pushed myself through when I had an ME1 -> ME2 transition stumble.

11:24pm, huh? I could probably squeeze in another mission, possibly two…

  • Ross

    I know, right?

    It’s hard for me to be specific, for fear of spoilers, but — yeah.

    Have you downloaded any of the DLC missions?

    • Jet Wolf

      I have! We bought them all around Christmas, I think it was, when XBL was having all those awesome sales. Got them for like $2 each or something. I’ve played through both the Shadow Broker and Overlord (was it “Overlord” or “Overload”?), though didn’t realize either was DLC until I was nearly toward the end of each – one of the advantages of blindly pre-purchasing it all, it just melds seamlessly into the game.

      I also don’t want to go into too much for spoilers (Mike especially), but I LOVED the Shadow Broker DLC. Really interesting, exciting, and genuinely hilarious in multiple places.

      I haven’t picked up the new one yet though, the one released yesterday. Have you played it? Thoughts?

      • Ross

        Oooh… I hadn’t realized there was a new one. I know what I’m doing tonight. Well, work permitting; maybe this weekend. Soon, though :)

        • Jet Wolf

          Hah, well, okay then! Still, lemme know how you like it. I’m likely to pick it up regardless, but!

          • Ross

            Played “Arrival” today — not quite up to the “Shadow Broker” standard, but still pretty good.

            One thing I wonder — for those of us like me, who played the DLC after finishing the game — both in actual time, and in the sense that I loaded my post-game-winning-I-chose-the-“keep-playing”-option save files to play them — when it comes time to import our games into ME3, will it recognize anything that happened after the final mission? If not, I’ll have to go back and re-play ME2 and include all the DLC before heading off to the final mission. Not that this would be a terrible thing.

            • Jet Wolf

              I would imagine so, since it specifically invites you to continue completing missions, building relationships, etc. No way to know for sure of course, but that’d be my guess.

              I’ll pick up Arrival shortly. I just restarted an ME1 playthrough as Renegade MaleShepard, so that’s fun. Except MaleShepard’s VA sort of sucks, especially compared to the fabulousness that was FemShep. I’d give him up and just go Renegade Female, but I’m aiming for other romance options too. Urg! Stop sounding so dull, Male Shepard!