Apr 032011
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My decent weekend hit a rough spot as I started getting all pissy over Things. To burn this off, I threw myself into copious amounts of yard work, dragging Mike along with me. The end result, we have lots of nice fresh new mulch and tilled areas of both the front and back yard, leveled off some bits and got to work on a nicer area where the birdbath lives.

Also in that end result is unspeakable muscle pain; we’re both shuffling around the house like a pair of 95 year olds. But because that wasn’t bad enough, Mike went and independently messed up his leg a bit.

The moral of the story is: Don’t let Jet Wolf get pissy.

It was a good weekend though, and even with the bump was in a genuinely good mood for a significant portion there. It’s been a while. It’s nice.

My Mass Effect 1 replay continues. I am staggered by how comparatively horrible Male Shepard’s voice actor is. He’s … decent enough on his own, I suppose, but when you compare him to Female Shepard, he’s a congested duck recording lines in a wet cardboard box. Going from Jennifer Hale to … that was a sharp and somewhat bitter disappointment. But part of the purpose of my renegade playthrough is to do stuff I haven’t done before. And by “stuff” I mean “Ashley Williams”. Because I cannot abide Alenko and already did the Liara romance path. Thus my vengeful, angry, “do whatever it takes to win” male Shepard sounds like a bored piece of Canadian copper tubing. Thank goodness the other VAs are wonderful and the story’s so good.

Next week I plan to power through several writing projects, see what kind of dents I can’t make. My goal is to finish one or two short stories and make major progress on 9×14. My darkened brain my dwelling place, the words my destination.

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