Apr 042011
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My evening got derailed in a myriad of ways, but none probably quite so interesting as this extensive and fascinating episode-by-episode deconstruction of Buffy and depression in Season 6.

As anyone who’s been reading my stuff for any length of time can attest, I do so love me some deep thinky analysis, and Buffy is a particularly favoured subject. I’ve done a hell of a lot of thinking and writing about S6 myself, but oddly enough rarely about Buffy herself. I’ve gone to just about every dark, unpleasant corner there is, except there. Never really thought about why. Reading this (and seriously, it is meaty and will take some time, just the way I like it) highlighted for me in a big way why that probably is: man I relate too easily to Buffy in S6. There were some genuinely uncomfortable moments reading this analysis, particularly in light myself in this past month, but sometimes mirrors are as important as they are ugly.

I have a really odd relationship with Buffy as a character, which … is really quite outside the scope of this post, especially when being written in bed at 11:30pm. Mental note, come back to this. It has also lit a fire under me to really want to rewatch the whole thing and finally get down those episode reviews like woah. That excites me.

SO YEAH, the point of the whole thing, useless without a link. Here we are then, highest possible recommendation for those interested in character analysis, depression and/or Buffy Summers. “Buffy Came Back Wrong” by gabrielleabelle.

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