Apr 062011
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Quickies as I am tired.

The Internets was all abuzz this morning about Glenn Beck parting from FOX. I do not understand this. I think he’s a reprehensible waste of airwaves too, but sad as it is to say, he’s found an audience and he’s found money and he’s found some measure of influence. Those things aren’t going to go away just because he doesn’t have a show on FOX anymore. Personally, I’d rather he stay on FOX, where he’s easily contained and ignored. Not to mention the fact that the people happiest about this are almost certainly not watching FOX anyway, so aside from his intrinsic Glenn Beckness, he was of minimal impact. To my view, it’s like having a giant ugly fungal bloom in your neighbor’s backyard: You know it’s there, you hate it’s there, but at least you know where it is and what it’s doing. Then one day he pops the thing, and now there are a million spores in the air and they could land anywhere and take root in anything, including your yard. Including your very soul.

I continue my slog through all of Civil War. It’s getting worse and worse as they drrrraaaagg this thing out. Anybody interested in the crossover, I do not recommend a full read-through. I think the main parts were interesting once upon a time, but damned if I can remember now. I actually had a part last night that had Howard the Duck in it. Howard the Duck, people. I didn’t finish it. Instead I moved to the next part, which was Black Panther, and it may have actually been worse. I’d heard a lot of things about Hudlin’s run on Black Panther, but can I say that reading them did not do the things I’d heard justice. Mein gott. Storm’s character has been completely lobotomized, there’s a thin sheen of misogyny coating everything, and the dialogue is hammier than the ham leftovers I have in the fridge right now, and I have SO MUCH HAM LEFT. I have no idea what part I’m on now, but it’s not the last part, so it’s not close enough to the end for me. (And yes, I must persevere and read it all, despite this. It’s a thing.)

I believe I’m going to start on the second season of New Who very soon. I’m keen to see if it catches me any more than the one previous.

My mother will be arriving on her vacation in about two weeks. She’s so exited to play Rock Band 3. It’s adorable.

  • http://twitter.com/irkdesu Erica Bercegeay

    A press release purports the Howard the Duck short as “the most asked for tale of Marvel’s Civil War.” I’m a little scared of who might have been asking.