Apr 062011
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I had a dream last night. It was basically amazing.

I traveled around. I think I was solving crimes, as you do. I was trying to figure something out, and it required I go into the ocean. I don’t recall it specifically but let’s assume I was in scuba gear or had a tiny personal submarine or something.

While I was in the ocean looking for whatever I was looking for, I came upon a skin flake. David Bowie’s skin flake. I was not surprised to see it there. I took the skin flake. This summoned Bowie. That too did not surprise me.

We’re now somehow back on land and Bowie reclaims his skin flake. He then says one of his lyrics to me. I can’t remember what but let’s say it was something like “A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me. All the nightmares came today.”

OF COURSE! Suddenly everything made sense. This was the crucial bit of insight I was lacking to solve the crime. I couldn’t thank Bowie though; he was nowhere to be found. Again, I was not surprised.

Let me tell you what I love about this – and there is so much to love about this.

1. The idea that Bowie has been everywhere, absolutely everywhere, to leave traces of himself behind. Under the ocean? Bowie’s been there. Outer space? Bowie’s been there. Your corner market? Bowie’s been there.

2. That Bowie is connected to himself on a deep cellular level. You have but to touch a long discarded bit of him and he is aware of your touch.

3. That Bowie simply appears out of nowhere, possessed of all knowledge and dispensing cryptic pieces of insight, like a slim poetic English Buddha.

I am so totally in love with all of this.

  • http://alessar.livejournal.com/ Matt

    So basically you believe in the Immanence of David Bowie. Or perhaps I should phrase that the Iman-ence.

    • Jet Wolf

      No. No you should not. :P

      It was awesome. I love the idea of going around the world, solving crimes, gleaning random wisdom from Bowie. WHY IS THIS NOT MY LIFE?