Apr 092011
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Good productive Chosen day. Started my weekend by blasting through some more guitar score logs in Rock Band, finally (FINALLY) getting me out of the “T”s. I think that was my checkered flag. ‘Course I still technically have all the bass scores, drums scores and vocals scores, but lalalala can’t hear you I’m finishing guitar yay.

Then a lovely evening at Amy and Scott’s, the highlight of which has to be the surprise of Scott picking me up a couple of X-Men back issues while they were at Wondercon this past weekend.


#111 and #112. Lemme tell you why these are totally awesome.

#111 – along with #114 – are the very first X-Men issues I ever bought. They were back issues then as well, but when I was first learning about the world of comic books outside of Archie, those are what caught my eye when hanging up on the wall of my local comic store. #111 especially is an awesome issue. Banshee the carnival barker hawking the other brainwashed X-Men as sideshow freaks. Beast wanders around wondering what’s going on with these new X-Men he doesn’t really know (this is back when Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, etc. they were the newbie X-Men!), and the whole thing ends with a killer Magneto splash page. My first image ever of Magneto, in fact, and it’s still burned into my brain.

I read the hell out of that issue. I had no earthly idea what was going on, but it was incredible all the same. It holds a very special place in my heart. But as you can imagine, as a burgeoning comic collector in middle school, well, that much-loved issue isn’t so much in great condition anymore. But this new copy of #111, it’s in fantastic shape! Just as good, if not better, than what I got all those years ago.

As for #112, it’s an issue that I don’t have at all! Those are the absolute bomb for me. My prized, unbroken run of Uncanny is from #133 to present (#534 just came out, if you need context), but I have a smattering of other, older issues. Now with #112, I need only #113 to have another mini-run (through #115)! Each of these tiny baby steps brings me closer and closer to full collection that I’ve been working toward since I was eleven years old.

And I got to take that step for no reason other than Scott is a sweetheart.

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