Apr 092011
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Nobody else is going to get that subject line, but oh well.

I somehow made it home without falling asleep. I am utterly knackered. Big day filled with big things, including a trip to the zoo. This was a huge thing for Mike and I for many boring reasons, and we’re both so glad we finally made it back there after many many abortive attempts over the years.

Sadly I am now too tired to speak about the trip at length. So here are three pictures.

One, I got this guy:

Ford the Ferret

I'm new.

His name is Ford. There are reasons for that but I don’t have the energy for them at present. He is a ferret. Mike thought he was an otter when he bought him for me, which just makes it all the more adorable. He’s on a stack of 360 games at the moment, but he will eventually live in my office.

Two, here is us:



Because Mike looks adorable in that picture.

And finally:

I'm a sea lion.

Hi, I'm a sea lion.

He’s a sea lion. Just cuz. Goodnight.

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