Apr 102011
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My mother sent us a couple of boxes of assorted stuff this weekend. I think she was really just looking for a way to unload some more of my endless supplies of crap that still infect her house all these years later, but. Enclosed were some amazing things. Many trades and graphic novels that we haven’t seen in years: From the Ashes (collecting Uncanny #169-#175, some of the best), Batman Death in the Family, Secret Wars, Infinity Gauntlet, etc. Awesome and amazing. I welcome them home.

There was some other stuff in there. A couple of repainted Anastasia figures (from the old animated film) that someone made for us all those years ago and then proceeded to act out an entire piece of unbridled hilarity that I still have captured on film to this day. (About ten people reading this know what I’m talking about, and admit it, each one of you are excited that I found these.)

VHS tapes! Just a couple, but one I am THRILLED to have again in my possession. The label says simply, “MTV Videos + Def Leppard Sunday”. This would’ve been, oh, when Hysteria was the biggest thing in the universe and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” was #1 on “Dial MTV” (which I always watched OF COURSE I DID) every day for months on end. And guys, I probably didn’t bother to cut out commercials.

So. Beyond. Excited. To Watch This. OMG.

The other really notable thing from the boxes was a nondescript photo developers envelope. We opened that this evening. Inside wasn’t anything too terribly thrilling. Some pics of me and my friends from one of our many many visits to the Texas Renaissance Festival. A couple of fairly doofy candids. And a pack of pictures from Mike’s dad. Pictures I had never seen. Interesting, but not world shaking.


Until this one. It’s of Mike, about 13 or 14. He’s about how you’d expect a super-skinny gangly young 80s teen to look. He’s holding up a box.

A Power Glove box.

And the look on his face. Guys. The look on his face. It is one of pure unbridled joy. As I said on Twitter, I have been with this man for almost 20 years and he has never looked as happy as he does in this photo.

I wish so hard I could share it with everyone, but I’ve been made to swear an oath to never do this.

I am so, so sorry.

  • Stephanie

    O_O I know what you’re talking about.

    • Jet Wolf

      You know the Power Glove, the expression, or the actual picture? If the later, I think Mike will want to have words …

      • Stephanie

        No you dork, the ANASTASIA FIGURINES!!!