Apr 122011
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Banging out my post now since I’ll be occupied possibly until late tonight. As previously mentioned, Scott is pretty big into ham radios. Today he discovered that the International Space Station will be making assorted transmissions from Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight. We’ll apparently (theoretically) be able to start receiving them around 10pm or so. And thus tonight we’ll be huddling around a radio, much as I imagine they were 50 years ago.

Not much to speak on otherwise. I put words onto paper (well, digital paper). In a moment I’ll kill me some bad guys with my rather frighteningly degenerated Renegade Male Shepard. (The EYES dude what is up with the EYES.) I continue to heave my way through Civil War, though I am proud to report that I am now on part 72 (only 35 more to go!) After this, I give a big FU to Marvel for a while and return to my Legion catchup.

And absolutely everything political is disgusting me right now.

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