Apr 152011
Rock Band DLC

Struck with some major cold bug so relatively minimal insightful commentary on the DLC this week.

We’ve got a group of random singles this time around, only one of which I know immediately by name. Guess which one?

– Anberlin – “Breaking
– Mastodon – “Blood and Thunder+
– Ohio Players – “Fire
– Ohio Players – “Love Rollercoaster+
– Relient K – “Must Have Done Something Right
– Tommy Tutone – “867-5309/Jenny+

+ = pro-guitar/bass chart available

Anberlin is a group name that sounds familiar, but I’m not connecting it with anything specific. Wiki calls them an alt/indie rock group. Listening to “Breaking” it seems an accurate enough genre for the song. I can’t say that anything in here is standing out to me. Drums maybe, they’re pretty ear-catching, but otherwise it seemed like fairly standard stuff. Nothing wrong with the song, but it’s like a dozen or more I already have in the game. I’m not compelled to add it to my collection.

Metal group Mastodon is a familiar one to Rock Band with “Colony of Birchmen”. Which, while never being a song I go out of my way to pick, is actually not bad. Let’s see how “Blood and Thunder” goes down. Turns out, not as well as I was hoping. There’s none of the atmosphere of “Birchmen”, it seems a pretty straight-forward metal song. Even my hopes for the guitar solo weren’t met, sounding repetitive and uninspired. Again drums are stand-out, but not in a way that I’d ever have fun playing them. Pity.

Ohio Players is next, and being a 70s funk band you’d think I would know them. But I don’t, at least by name. “Fire” is first up. Oh, ha, okay, of course I know this song. Damn though, I hadn’t realized until just now how Hell’s Kitchen has totally ruined it for me. Well let’s just say right now that if it’s not devil tiered on harmonies I will be astonished. It is, of course, very funky, but my ear’s not good enough this morning to pick out much of the instrumentation. By and large with funk the bass is more the focus than the guitar, but sax and vocals was what stood out to me. That coupled with having the looming scowl of Gordon Ramsay in my head means that this may not be the immediate purchase it might’ve been otherwise. Charts will likely be a deciding factor.

“Love Rollercoaster”, also by Ohio Players, is next. What’s more it has a pro-chart and to the best of my knowledge isn’t a theme song, so fingers crossed! Okay yes, I know this one too. It’s more repetitive than I remembered though. Again harmonies will be huge, but … I dunno, it could be my illness but I’m just not as into this as I’d expect.

Moving on to Christian rockers Relient K with “Must Have Done Something Right”. I’ve heard a few songs by Relient K before and they’ve been not too bad, so I won’t let the genre put me off before giving this one a listen. Buuut yeah. Happy and bouncy but nothing tempting me to part with my points. It did make me sort of want to play footie though. You know, if I weren’t coughing up things of various colours. (Unrelated note to self: see about scoring tickets to go see the Timbers.) But yes, the song in Rock Band. Very Disney pop feel with a catchy enough chorus but lacking in any real draw or substance for me on any instrument.

Which leaves us with “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone, and what appears to be the only insta-buy for me this week. I suppose it’s no less poppy or lacking in substance than a few other songs this week, but it has the benefit of a catchier guitar hook and a universally known phone number. Who can’t sing along to this? Much like “Freeze-Frame” last week, this should be a great party song.

All told for me a very slim week, but given how much DLC I’ve bought of late I’m actually thankful for it. I think “Jenny” is the stand-out for the week and one that should be added to just about everyone’s Rock Band library. As for instrument specifics, I didn’t really hear much that stood out this week. Vocalists should seriously consider Ohio Players. Drummers, Mastodon is likely the most interesting for you. Keys players, I’m not even sure you got anything this week. Bassists, on the strength of the genre I’d say Ohio Players, despite not having heard anything specifically. And guitarists? I didn’t actually hear much for us that we haven’t already had a dozen times over.

My caveat: I’m pretty sick today and my focus is drifting. It’s entirely possible I’ve missed something. Probably several somethings. Please don’t hesitate to call me out on it. If there’s something that needs a more careful listen when my ears aren’t stuffed with cotton, let me know.

  • Novareinna

    Hmmm…not much there for my interest, I’m afraid. I wasn’t aware that the theme to “Hell’s Kitchen” was an actual song created outside of the show itself. Learn something new every day! Still, I must admit that “86753-Oh-Nyeyan…” is worthy of a good sing-along-song.