Apr 192011
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Everyone’s talking about Portal 2. That coupled with the “For science” commercials makes me want to play it. Luckily(?) my mother’s imminent arrival makes starting any new game right now utterly pointless.

It also however means I need to clean the house, and I am deeply rebelling against this. I did good today, actually cutting the lawn and washing the car, but dusting, scrubbing, zzzz. Plus I’m in a good working place at the moment and disinclined to stop.

Here’s what I think is likely to happen with this.

Tomorrow I’ve mentally designated as “clean day”. I will not do this. Instead I will get my meager errands out of the way in the morning then go write all day, forgetting everything else. I’ll say that I’ll do some cleaning in the evening, but won’t actually do anything of the sort. That’s okay, because her flight doesn’t arrive until 10pm-ish on Thursday. “I’ll clean tomorrow,” I’ll tell myself tomorrow evening.

Morning will come. I’ll just go write for a little bit; “cereal, tea, writing”, as has become my morning mantra. I’ll look up and it’ll be 4.30pm and time to go get Mike. “Oh shit, my house is filthy.” I’ll collect Mike and be in a frenzied and crabby mood. Cleaning tasks will be haphazardly delegated. None will be accomplished to my satisfaction. I’ll wonder why I didn’t do the cleaning on Wednesday like I’d planned. I’ll be really pissed when I remember that I wrote this post specifically outlining how unlikely I am to stick to my original plan well before the window of opportunity for that plan has closed. Future Me will hate Past Me. Past Me won’t give a shit. Hey, fuck you, Future Me. Love, Current Me.

And then I’ll go pick up my mother, probably fretting about the time and running late to the airport because I had to clean just One More Thing. She’ll arrive, I’ll be frazzled, and she won’t care even a tiny bit about anything because she’s just so thrilled to not be in Louisiana for the next ten days.

And, scene.

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