Jun 142011
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When I picked up my first X-Men comic back in the 80s, I quickly realized one thing: Rogue is bloody awesome. It is truth. It is law.

Every Tuesday I will share with you a moment, a panel, a scene, that proves it.

Because: Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

Wolverine’s mind – never a particularly orderly and pleasant place – is getting fucking trashed. Cyclops is about to put the little psycho down with extreme prejudice when a brigade of his closest friends and greatest proponents (all females, it should be noted) swoop in for a final last-ditch effort to save him.

With Emma’s help they enter his mind, get separated, and, in fittingly symbolic fashion, wander from labeled door to labeled door.

Kitty has sympathy …

Wolverine #8: Shadowcat on patrol

'Reasons to hate myself #1028: Only in 30 books a month.'

Jubilee has astonished disgust …

Wolverine #8: Jubilee learning more than she ever wanted to know.

Really, what possessed her to open that door?

And as for Rogue?

Wolverine #8: Rogue keeps her eye on the prize.

Rogue is concerned only with important matters.

Rogue. She’s totally going to kick Wolverine’s ass next time they play. FUCK YEAH.

From Wolverine v4 #8 by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuna.

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