Jul 292011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 2 August 2011

Another week of singles and another week of Happy Times. There’s some gems this week, though funny how landing just that one “perfect” song can make a release amazing even if you don’t like anything else in it. (But I do, so bonus!)     The Songs * Beastie Boys – “Make Some Noise” * Beastie Boys – “No Sleep till Brooklyn” * Heart – “Barracuda” + * James Brown– “Super Bad, Pts. 1 & […]

Jul 222011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 26 July 2011

Coming in late today, but with some good news. Or potentially anyway, depending on how much you enjoy progressive as a genre and/or this week’s artist specifically. As though repenting for last week’s keyless options, Harmonix more than makes up for it with a five-pack of Yes.   The Songs * Yes – “Heart of the Sunrise” * Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People” + * Yes – “Owner of a Lonely Heart” + […]

Jul 152011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 19 July 2011

Harmonix has been talking about this batch of DLC for a couple weeks now, so the only real surprise is how many pro charts are available this week (four total, one legacy). It’s a pretty simple test to gauge your excitement level about the DLC. Do you like Soundgarden? If so, congratulations! If not, tune in next week because that’s all we have.   The Songs * Soundgarden – “Blow Up the Outside World” * […]

Jul 082011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 12 July 2011

Another singles week coming for DLC. These are overall my favourite weeks – so many different kinds of songs, and my musical tastes typically run broad enough to snag me several tracks. This is a pretty slim week overall, but with a 50% “get” ratio, I can’t complain.     The Songs * Erasure – “A Little Respect” * Frankie Goes to Hollywood – “Relax (Come Fighting)” * P.O.D. – “Boom” + * P.O.D. – […]

Jul 012011
The Zen of Jett, Week 52

Life is hard. We all know this. Even puppies know this, and their main jobs are to eat and poop. It’s a dark lonely road we walk, with only our wits to guide us. Jett understands, and she’s here to help. Every Friday, Jett will share with you her wisdom in your neverending lifequest for inner peace and fulfillment. This is The Zen of Jett.

Jul 012011
Rock Band DLC, Week of 5 July 2011

Singles singles singles, that’s what we have this week. Three that are pretty awesome additions, and two from the band that I detest more than any other musical act in the history of human existence. So that’s a thing. But the rest? Awesome!     The Songs * Buffalo Springfield – “For What It’s Worth” + * R.E.M. – “Man On the Moon” * System of a Down – “Aerials” + * System of a […]