Aug 022011
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When I picked up my first X-Men comic back in the 80s, I quickly realized one thing: Rogue is bloody awesome. It is truth. It is law.

Every Tuesday I will share with you a moment, a panel, a scene, that proves it.

Because: Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

Rogue’s had a tough year. She left her moms and the only home she’s ever known to try and get help for the raging insanity that is her mutant powers. But her new teammates hate her, her powers are still out of control, and the Carol Danvers side of her personality keeps surging forward and taking over. Unsure of who she is and where her loyalties lie, Rogue runs away.

Storm tracks her down and they have a little heart-to-heart culminating in Storm offering her hand to Rogue, becoming only the second person in Rogue’s post-mutant life to willingly give her contact. Rogue accepts and is enjoying Storm’s powers when a bunch of federal agents show up and attack (they’re a tad pissed about this tiny little invasion Rogue did on SHIELD a few issues ago). Rogue instinctively amps up Storm’s powers and things quickly escalate.

Uncanny #185: Crisis on Infinite Tugs.

Yeah but FUCK YOU, FEDS.

Uncanny #185: By the way, was it clear I'm Southern? Because I am.

I'll save you and shit I GUESS, but only because Storm-in-my-head would.

So Rogue tries to turn off the hurricane, but it’s grown too powerful. She keeps trying but nothing happens and she starts panicking like a motherfucker.

Uncanny #185: My mowhawk is here to save us.


Uncanny #185: Whose idea was that again?

Wait so you mean-- AH FUCK, I'M A HERO.

Rogue. Having her definitive face-turn hero moment without even realizing it. FUCK YEAH.

From Uncanny X-Men #185 by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr.

  • Dougkelso

    I was reading X-Men back around then. The main thing I remember thinking about Rogue was “why doesn’t she just get one of those nullifier collars from the Hellfire Club if she wants a love life?”