Aug 032011
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Oo I did say I’d start blogging again tonight didn’t I? So of course I forget all about it until it’s almost 11.30pm and I’m in bed about to sleep. Of course.

It’s been pretty clear that I dropped out of doing these in the past few months. I won’t bore with details, suffice it to say that Things Happened and I hit a bit of a bottom. But what follows a fall is getting back on your feet, and that’s what I’ve been working on doing. It hasn’t been easy, but what ever is, right?

In truth I had one of the Best Weeks Ever (or at least Lately) last week, but I think it’s just set me off double for this week. That’s sort of why I’m pushing back and starting to blog again. Seize the moment, turn a negative into a positive, and other such cliched bullshit.

What I’ve been up to lately. Writing. Working on assorted projects. Lots of the tabletop RPG Pathfinder, which will be deserving of an entry all on its own. Trying to enjoy things. Thinking about starting this up again. Actually doing it.

It’s a small step, but one I congratulate myself on nevertheless.

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