Aug 042011
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Cruddy mood from Moment One today, but I decided to use the cruddiness to do a bunch of stuff I’ve been procrastinating on; I figured, my today has suck built right in, why not use it encompass all suck and spare future days that might otherwise be decent. So I’ve gotten a haircut (which I didn’t actually like, but such is the price I pay for never really having much to offer besides “shorter than this”), washed my car, and got an oil change. Spent most of rest of the afternoon working on the return of my comic reviews, which should be up tomorrow. Man I am rusty.

Tonight we decided to finally bust out some of those Rifftrax Shorts DVDs I got Mike for Christmas – it’s only been eight months, why not! If you haven’t bought any yet, I caution you away from Wide World of Shorts. We tried in three separate players and it wouldn’t actually play more than the second short. Very disappointing. Shorts-tacular Shorts-stravaganza however, worth it for “If Mirrors Could Speak” alone. And that was me with Curmudgeon Mode activated, so there you go. I wave the worn and dented cane clenched in my gnarled curmudgeonly fist. But with approval.

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