Aug 162011
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When I picked up my first X-Men comic back in the 80s, I quickly realized one thing: Rogue is bloody awesome. It is truth. It is law.

Every Tuesday I will share with you a moment, a panel, a scene, that proves it.

Because: Rogue. FUCK YEAH.

Getting into the Wayback Machine for today’s dose of fucking amazing Rogueness as I educate you with a little ROM: SPACEKNIGHT.

Rom is fighting the Brotherhood. Why and shit don’t matter. What also don’t matter is who the fuck Rom is because I’m going to bet only like five of you bitches even know. Rogue knows and that’s all that fucking counts.

Rom #32: He 'members li'l ol' her.

Her body language says it's sure to be a tender reunion (from their tragic parting five minutes ago).

But Rom’s a good guy giant cyborg robot thing and he goes the good guy giant cyborg robot way of trying to talk it out.

Rom #32: Rogue does not talk. Rogue hits.

Why chat when you can SKLANG! ?

Now this is some pretty amazing shit right here because we’re looking at a year at least before Rogue’s even going to think about going good. But fuck what you think anyway Rom, and fuck you Parker Brothers for not letting Marvel play with this guy anymore.

They grapple and Rom squishes Rogue too hard, cracking her spine. GOOD JOB, SPACEKNIGHT.

Rom #32: Rom, Spaceknob.

What he doesn't see is Mystique off to the side already morphing into their lawyer.


Rom #32: Rom, Spacerube.


I like how Rogue spends half this scene quizzing Rom on the members of the Brotherhood. She’s like half evil, half know-it-all comic geek.

Rom #32: Rom, SpaceLUCKYMAN

All the sensuality of licking a soup can.

She’s going to specifically explain the flesh-to-flesh element of her powers THEN COMPLETELY IGNORE IT. And the best part? IT WORKS.

Rogue. Giving the middle finger to any good parts of herself, gleefully duping big dumb robots, using a thick dialect but absolutely perfect grammar, and just straight ignoring the basic functionality of her own powers. FUCK YEAH.

From Rom: Spaceknight #32 by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

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