Aug 192011
Rock Band DLC

Smack in the middle of a busy con season and with Dance Central 2’s launch just around the corner, we have a small week of DLC ahead. A three-pack from alt-rockers Incubus is all up in here, but that’s it. So if you don’t like Incubus, get thee to the back catalogue.


The Songs

* Incubus – “Adolescents
* Incubus – “Pardon Me+
* Incubus – “Wish You Were Here

+ = pro-guitar/bass chart available


The Thoughts

I was introduced to Incubus by “Stellar” in Guitar Hero and was instantly taken in by the ethereal sound. “Adolescents” is the lead single off their new album, and it too has that quality. It doesn’t click as well with me, but I like the more subdued intensity. There’s a lot of focus to this song with everyone feeling tightly packed into the pocket of their instrument, which makes the lucid moments with the bridge more interesting than it might be otherwise. This isn’t an immediate must-buy for me, but I would definitely put it on my Rainy Day list; I think there’s a lot more gameplay here than might be immediately apparent.

Way the hell on the other side of the spectrum we have “Pardon Me”, a odd fusion of different styles and tempos. The verses have an unusual lyrical flow that I can’t say I like, but I definitely find interesting. From there it moves to a metal-influenced chorus, with occasional dollops of the dreamy guitar that seems to promise a respite from the pain of the song. Then there’s the bits with the record scratching and I’m not sure what to make of it. I listened to it before starting to write this, and really didn’t care for it much. Then I listened again while I gathered my thoughts, and the second time through it felt less like a confused mess. This song is more about emotions than it is about music, but the pieces fit better than I thought they did at first. I’m not sure I’d ever pick this if I were to add it to my game library, but you know, maybe.

The third and final song this week is “Wish You Were Here”, which is easily the best song in the pack. It has a liquid quality that flows around you while the guitar haunts the song. Harmonies are minimal, but used beautifully. I suspect it may be the least difficult song this week, but I think it will be the most fulfilling.


The Summary

I’m really surprised that “Pardon Me” got the pro treatment this week as it by far sounds the most boring of the three on guitar. I have no idea why they didn’t go with “Wish You Were Here”.

My pick for the week is “Wish You Were Here”, particularly where guitar, bass and vocals are concerned. Drums though, I believe the syncopation in “Pardon Me” will be more interesting than the fairly standard beats in the other two Incubus songs. Keys players, it’s a light week for you as I think the only song where you’ll feature is “Adolescence”. Luckily the keys sound like they’ll be pretty cool in there.

  • Questionmark

    “Pardon Me” is by far the biggest hit of the pack; maybe only “Drive” is a bigger Incubus song. I think HMX likes to give “signature” songs the pro treatment, when possible.