Aug 242011
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As mentioned, we’re off to PAX tomorrow. When I last really talked about PAX there was much Sturm und Drang and I was unsure how we’d proceed. Clearly that decision was reached.

It didn’t come easy, and I’m still a little uncertain, truth be told. But after a lot of talking and even more thinking, I decided that turning away from PAX was to surrender it, and the culture of so many things I love. It was worth at least one more chance.


Lots of nummy comics this week. Nine in all, including the new TMNT that I picked up on something of a whim; I adored the Eastman and Laird originals. Of course I have no idea how any of them actually are, as I had time to read all of about four pages of the latest Legacy. Pull List up on Monday at the absolute earliest.

I did not pick up another little Marvel figure. But man I wanted to.


I watched a wasp drift among the marigolds. “What does a wasp eat?” I wondered to myself. “The flesh of the living,” myself replied. I don’t like wasps.


Today’s happy: The little girl tossing her stuffed animal in the air. Specifically the look of abject horror on her face when she missed catching it.