Sep 302011
Rock Band DLC

Another week that’s sour for my tastes as we get a four-pack from alt rappers/nu metal/blah blah genre group Limp Bizkit.


The Songs

* Limp Bizkit – “Gold Cobra
* Limp Bizkit – “Nookie+
* Limp Bizkit – “My Way
* Limp Bizkit – “Re-Arranged

+ = pro-guitar/bass chart available


The Thoughts

“Golden Cobra”, now with 500% of your daily air humping. And yeah, okay. So I listened to all these songs and all I can really say is that every single lyric sounds like exactly what I would expect a 12-year old to write. “I did it all for the nookie/So you can take that cookie/And stick it up your ass”. That’s about where we are this week.


The Summary

Some of the flow is catchy at times and it’s certainly aggressive; some people are gonna respond to that. I also will say that at least each song sounds different from its packmates, which I couldn’t say for Slipknot last week. Still, each one seems to have been composed by some random dudes from a frat house who drank beer and smoked meth until they lost whatever roguish charm might’ve sold the song.

It’s crazy tough to make any kind of recommendations here as I got absolutely nothing out of any song. Even “Re-Arranged” – the ballad for the week – was lifeless and dull; I may have hated the other songs, but at least there was enough to them to have an emotion. Keys players are easy enough: you get nothing this week (nothing worth mentioning, at least). Drummers, bassists and guitarists, I’d say any one song is going to offer you roughly the same gameplay experience as any other song. And vocalists, well. Personally I wouldn’t sing any of these songs, but if I was pressed I suppose I’d go with “Golden Cobra”. It was the more interesting to me, with a blend of rap and singing and some variation in the chorus that should liven it up a bit.

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