Oct 282011
Rock Band DLC

Breaking Benjamin return to the game with their second pack, and they’re joined by a lone single from Papa Roach.

The Songs

* Breaking Benjamin – “Sooner or Later
* Breaking Benjamin – “Breath+
* Breaking Benjamin – “Until the End
* Papa Roach – “Forever

+ = pro-guitar/bass chart available


The Thoughts

I don’t really know Breaking Benjamin, but for some reason I had in my head that they were kind of garage band nerdy like Weezer. They are not – at least not if “Sooner or Later” is any indication. This song started out with an promising guitar intro, but then quickly devolved into something audibly indistinguishable from Nickelback and all the many bands that sound like Nickelback. I like the main guitar riff, but they’re fleeting moments in the sea of mediocrity that is this song.

I just finished listening to “Breath” and I can’t recall a single bit of it. What a wholly ineffectual song. It exists, and that is about all I can think to say on it. Uninspired, generic thereness. No thank you.

“Until the End” is mostly the same, though the drums did stand out to me, which you know, at least something did. The guitar too seemed to be a little more distinctive. Not good necessarily, but at least it seemed to do more than hit the exact notes you expect it to hit; at least there’s some inkling of a creative process.

Papa Roach with “Forever” closes out this week. It too is fairly generic, but the use of harmonies and the minimalist instrumental sections does make it stand out. Only a little, but consider the company and take that as you will.


The Summary

Sorry keys players – keep practicing Coldplay, secure in the knowledge that Stevie Wonder is on the horizon.

If you like this sound then you’re going to enjoy this week because there’s an awful lot of it. Otherwise there just isn’t much here. Of all the Breaking Benjamin songs I suppose I’d say “Until the End” is the best, but it’s a bit like picking which of the apex predators you’d most enjoy being mauled by. “Forever” stands apart by a few tiny baby steps, but if you’re desperate to buy something from this week then you take what you can get.

  • Novareinna

    Oh good, Breaking Benjamin. I like this group but then, as you say in your post, they’re reminiscent of Nickelback and if you like Nickelback (and those bands who are similar) then Breaking Benjamin will hold appeal. Luckily, I’m rather fond of the “Nickelback” sound.

    • Jet Wolf

      You can add it when you get Rock Band. I draw the line at Nickelback & Friends. :P