Jan 242012
CopyPasteMAGIC would be a great band name.

As discussed yesterday, I’ve gone and made that separate blog. I feel good about the decision to stop washing my lights with my darks. The other blog is named Tilting at Doombots, and there’s your link. RSS feed is here. While new posts over there will be automatically announced on Twitter, I won’t be talking about it much here, as that rather misses the point. ~~~ Photoshop was a place where I spent some time […]

Jan 232012
Forty-Seven Dead Beats

I’m writing this with my egg timer going. I’m living in paranoid fear that at any second Andy Rooney is going to come down from heaven and complain at me about the harps. Because death = stringed instruments. Makes you wonder what instrument they give you in hell. Guitars. Of course. Anybody else picture heaven and hell as basically exactly like South Park? ~~~ I get to sleep in this week. These are the most […]

Rock Band DLC, Week of 10 January 2012

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Jan 062012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 10 January 2012

It may not have escaped your notice that I’ve been absent from my entire blog of late, let alone Rock Band posts. I talked a little about that in another post, suffice it to say that it’s a new year, I’m feeling better, and it’s time to once more talk about this stuff, a lot. Not only that but I return to Rock Band DLC with a three-pack of Hall & Oates? Someone sure loves […]

Jan 062012
Fear and Loathing in 2011

2012. This time last year, I wasn’t sure I would see it. Wasn’t sure I wanted to. Pretty sure I didn’t. Yet here I am. I made it. 2011 is done, and thank fuck for that. I’ve never been a particularly happy person. Part of my charm, I like to think, always ready with a dry and cynical word (often several). I took it as given that this would come with frequent dips into darkness. […]