Jan 242012
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As discussed yesterday, I’ve gone and made that separate blog. I feel good about the decision to stop washing my lights with my darks. The other blog is named Tilting at Doombots, and there’s your link. RSS feed is here. While new posts over there will be automatically announced on Twitter, I won’t be talking about it much here, as that rather misses the point.


Photoshop was a place where I spent some time today, as I strove to make the new blog something at least mildly personalized and not complete ass. I’ve used Photoshop across a few iterations for nearly ten years, and I’m always impressed by how little I understand it. I open Photoshop and I’m like a blind man sent out to do a mine sweep. I’m not a stupid person, yet I can never seem to perform more than two or three basic functions. It’s like there’s a secret cabal that lives between the lines of programming code; they recognize that I am not of them, and so they hide the key features that would let it all make sense.

My every experience with Photoshop can be broken down to this: Open, Select, Copy, Paste, Text, MAGIC.


Today was Amy‘s birthday. As has become a sad and pathetic tradition, I do not yet have her birthday present. But we went to dinner, had delicious nummies for dessert, and finished up with bunny videos on YouTube, and if that doesn’t sound like an awesome way to spend a birthday, you are wrong.

You are WRONG.

  • Andrew

    I think I just grew ovaries from watching that bunny video.

    • Jet Wolf

      My gift to you. Enjoy.