Feb 112012
The Adventures of Jet Wolf & Ultrace

Mike and I have gone mad like mad little madlings. It is the only explanation, for we have become … PODCASTERS. It’s true. You thought you’d had enough of us and all we have to say? You were wrong. We’ve talked about doing this for ages, back when Internet radio was the cool hip new thing, but we never got it off the ground. It came as quite a surprise to us both to discover […]

Feb 032012
Rock Band DLC, Week of 7 February 2012

Surprising no one, next week’s DLC will be a three-pack from English alt-rockers Bush (leaving only Huey Lewis & the News from the revealed artists in HMX’s Christmas livestream). The only song I actually remember from Bush is “Glycerine” – which I love but fully acknowledge would suck to play in Rock Band – so hearing all these again should be a thing.   The Songs * Bush – “Everything Zen” * Bush – “Comedown” […]